John Montgomery Arrested

According to an article found here:,  Country Star John Montgomery has been arrested for a DUI and possession of two handguns after leaving a bar where his musical career began.

Apparently, Mr. Montgomery was stopped around 2:30 am for “disregarding” a traffic light. He allegedly smelled of alcohol, and refused a blood test.

His attorneys appeared for him in court on Thursday and entered a not guilty plea.

As far as the handguns are concerned, he allegedly had two loaded guns in the vehicle. One under the front driver seat, and another under the front passenger seat.  According to Mr. Montgomery’s DUI attorney, he has permits for the weapons.

Apparently, since Mr. Montgomery refused the blood test, his drivers license has been suspended for a year. In California, upon refusal of a blood test, the police can potentially obtain a warrant and proceed with a forced blood draw if you are arrested on suspicion of a DUI, according to Sacramento DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm. According to Rehm, the decision on whether to then suspend your license would still be an issue that could be fought with the DMV, not the court.

Here, it seems that law enforcement did not attempt to obtain any warrant, instead deciding to simply notate the case as a refused blood draw.

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Great Albums

I know this blog is about Music and the law, but that doesn’t mean we cannot reminisce on some of our favorite albums of all time.  The music is why most of us are in the business, so lets talk great albums (in no particular order)”

  1. L.A. Woman – The Doors   – Need I say more?
  2. Physical Graffiti-Led Zeppelin
  3. Sam Cooke at the Copa – Sam Cooke –  If you get the chance, buy this.
  4. Let it Bleed – The Rolling Stones
  5. Nashville Skyline- Bob Dylan – never mentioned, great album.
  6. Bob Marley- Uprising: this album is the epitome of bad ass.
  7. Abbey Road & Sgt. Peppers – The Beatles- you cannot have a list without those.
  8. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon: you can’t miss.
  9. Grateful Dead – American Beauty – the epitome of beautiful music.
  10. Jimi Hendrix – Electric LadyLand – I know it is not as popular as Are You Experienced, but it’s my favorite!

If you own all of these, your off to a great start.


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The Musical Garden

Welcome to the Musical Garden, where the law and music meet. Since the birth of the internet, and prevalence of downloading music, the law has never been so important to artists.  We will explore these issues, as well as discuss all aspects of entertainment law and the rights of artists in general. We will also be discussing what we love: music.

If you are an aspiring artists and you need legal assistance, check our list of resources.  There are many organizations in the United States and throughout the world that provide free legal assistance to artists. This emphasizes the place art holds in our culture, in our past and in our society today.


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